Alameda PTAC Cannabis Resolution

As you may know, Alameda City Council is considering regulations around cannabis retail, manufacturing and cultivation in Alameda.

Our PTA Council (PTAC) is proposing a resolution to request that the City of Alameda have a 1000-foot buffer around public or private schools (K-12), day care centers, or youth centers. PTAC has put together this information.

Alameda City Council held a workshop on September 5 on its proposed Cannabis Ordinance – you can see the related information here. For a visual on what a 600-foot buffer and a 1000-foot buffer look like, go to pages 31 and 50 of  Attachment #5, Presentation-Revised.

Wood PTA welcomes your comments and feedback – you can email us directly at .  

This issue is on the agenda for this Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting at City Hall at 6:30 pm. Additionally, City Council will have another workshop/ meeting on cannabis regulation on Saturday, October 21, 9am-1pm at City Hall.

Both events are open to everyone, and you are welcome to contact City Council members and/ or AUSD board members directly.