Box Tops: Sweepstakes and new Safeway program

boxtopsThis is a gentle reminder to please gather any box tops that you have and submit them to your school.  As of today we have collected almost 1800 box tops, and when we reach our goal of 3000 box tops Mr. Peterson will wear a tutu and Ms. Harris will wear a surprise costume – we can’t wait to see them.

Students can see how many box tops we have collected by checking the board that is posted in the hallway in front of the media center.

Besides checking for box tops at home and asking your families and friends, we can also earn points by using the new Box Tops app that you can download with this link: Box Tops app.  It is super easy to use!

Also, if you have a Safeway card you can link your Safeway account with the box tops program by setting up your account here: Safeway box tops program

Finally, the Box Tops program offers regular sweepstakes drawings!  Once you set-up your account it only takes a few seconds to enter the sweepstakes.  There is currently a sweepstakes contest that runs until November 1.  Click here for details: Box Tops sweepstakes.  You can enter daily until the deadline.

Box tops are one of the easiest ways to earn money for the school – Stay tuned; we will have some surprises for you.