Condolences to the Family of Kim Contaxis

Wood Community lost a member of our family this past month.  Kim Contaxis  passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on May 18.  “Miss Kimmy” as many students knew her, was a longtime employee of AUSD, most recently in the kitchens at Wood.  Her warm and patient presence will be greatly missed.  As one of the staff noted,

“Kim was fantastic with all the children but she was especially kind and patient with our Special Day students.  She never rushed them; their needs were her first concern.  Kim made a point to know all of their food preferences and accommodated them.  Her care for them was clear.  Often we would have the children share the highlights of their day with “Miss Kimmy”.  Kim was always a ready listener, smiling and delighting in their accomplishments.  This always made our students feel special.

She was special, always taking care of everyone and I hope she knew how much we appreciated the special little things she did.  I hope she knew we loved her.

Yes, Kim was the “lunch lady” with the hairnet at Wood Middle School and yet she was so much more.  I witnessed her interacting with some of the toughest students in the district.  She treated them with care and kindness.  I guess you could say she taught care and kindness by example. In her role, she took care of a lot of kids and she will be missed terribly.”