Decoding Teen Behavior: Parent/Teen Workshop

Do you want your teen to be happy? To be able to bounce back when things get tough? To help set them up for life and work in the real world? Do you just want to get along better?

If you find yourself wondering how to motivate, encourage, and or guide your teen, (common universal needs of all adolescent families) attend the follow up workshop to Raising Resilient Teens. See more information below. The program is being offered through our wonderful Alameda Education Foundation.

Decoding Teen Behavior: Parent/Teen Workshop
This fun and engaging workshop, offered via the Alameda Education Foundation, is designed to help teens (and parents) understand:

  • Individual behavior style – what makes you tick and how do you embrace successful behaviors
  • Personal motivation interests and talents – how to make better study, career and life choices
  • The behavior style of others – to appreciate difference and work cooperatively
  • How to develop productive relationships – at home, school and work
  • This workshop will help you uncover your true self and develop a language for improved communication and relationships.

Choice of dates: Saturday, February 25, 2017 10-12 p.m. (Encinal High Media Center) or Saturday, March 4 2-4:00 p.m. (Alameda High Media Center)
Cost: $125 per student with one parent/guardian. $15 materials fee. $35 additional for a second parent/guardian.

Register at AEF’s website: