Flavored Tobacco – PTAC Resolution

The City of Alameda is considering an ordinance to regulate the licensing and sale of tobacco products, and to prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products. Here is the draft ordinance. Flavored tobacco products are frequently aimed at teens Рthe packaging resembles candy and sweet flavors mask the flavor of nicotine which is highly addictive.

Alameda PTAC (PTA Council) will vote this week on a resolution in support of the proposed City ordinance. The AUSD Board of Education will also vote at their meeting this Tuesday on a resolution in support of the proposed city ordinance. This is the AUSD resolution.

Wood’s PTA executive board will vote on this before the PTAC meeting.¬†We welcome your comments and feedback – you can email us directly at . ¬†You are also welcome to contact City Council members or AUSD supervisors directly. Here’s some information about the issue, along with a form you can use to send an email to all members of City Council.