GoFundMe for 7th Grade Programs #GFMToSchool

Please share and spread the word with family and friends about the campaign

www.gofundme.com/2dftxaps or search “Wood Middle 7th Graders” on GoFundMe.com

As part of their year, the 7th graders have participated in the Ropes Course at Fort Miley.  This team-building outdoor field trip is a long-standing tradition, but rising costs of transportation have made it harder to participate.  A newer addition to their year, Falcon’s Court, allows the students to experience the Renaissance, in tangible, innovative ways. These programs support their academic curriculum, and the overarching Integrated Learning question for their year:  What are my connections to the larger world?

PTA support and donations from parents can’t always cover the costs of these programs, which is why the students need your help.  These signature 7th grade programs can’t happen without the support of our community

The 7th graders are so grateful for your help in making their year memorable.  #GFMToSchool