It’s Time for the Golden Sneaker Contest

Now is the time to start getting ready for the 2017 Golden Sneaker Contest, which begins on Monday, February 27 and goes through Friday, March 10.

This highly anticipated annual two-week event to help kids walk, roll, carpool, or take transit to school is particularly special this year. Not only will we have record numbers of elementary and middle schools participating, but for the first time every trophy, for every school, will be made with a sneaker from our friends at the Golden State Warriors. We know how excited we were when we found out that a large sneaker donation was going to be made for the contest, and so we can only imagine how excited the students are going to be when they find out that the Golden Sneaker Contest trophy they want to win, features an authentic Golden State Warrior sneaker – that’s a really big trophy!

In the Golden Sneaker Contest, classrooms keep track of how many students get to school by walking, biking, taking the bus, or carpooling. Classrooms with the highest level of participation receive a Golden Sneaker trophy. The school with the highest classroom participation wins the Platinum Sneaker award.

The Golden Sneaker contest offers a chance for every student to participate. If you live too far from school to walk or roll you can always:

  • Park a few blocks away and walk
  • Meet up with friends who live close to school and walk as a group
  • Start a carpool