Letter from Our Principal, Ms. Harris

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Wood School along with other Alameda Unified Schools, have been focusing on celebrating the philosophies and the lives of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The season started with the anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination on January 30 and is ending on the anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination April 4th.   As we approach the end of the “season, please remember that as adults, we must model the world we want to see for our children. Be careful what you say and what you do in front of impressionable children.  Thank you for teaching your children to respect differences and to judge others by their character. Only then can we move this school, this community and ultimately our world to a place where humanity is valued.  

Congratulations to our Wood students for being the top three winners in the Season of Non-Violence district sponsored speech contest.  The event took place at City Hall on Saturday, March 25th. The  winners were:

Kaila Villaluna 3rd  Place- Wood School

Meagan Barroga 2nd Place- Wood School

Nehemiah Talavai 1st. Place- Wood School


Cammie Harris