Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

On Friday, February 10th, Wood joined other schools around the nation in No One Eats Alone Day.  This program was designed to teach everyone how to make friends at lunch.  Wood decided to combine this with our No Technology Day during lunch.  Students were encouraged to put down their phones, games, and other technology to meet and communicate with others. While it was exciting for some, a number of students had a hard time giving up the technology.  Research shows that those iPads, smartphones and Xboxes are a form of digital addiction.  A constant diet of glowing screens can have a negative effect on children.  Have you ever received a negative reaction from your child after taking away their device?  Is your child interested in activities that do not involve technology?  Technology is all around and is their way of the future, however we must provide a balance.  It was great seeing students during No One Eats Alone Day looking into the eyes of others while talking and meeting new friends.  At Wood, we will continue to teach students social skills and expose them to variety of activities. Encourage students to unplug at home as much as possible.