Letter from the Principal 4/10/17

Dear Parents,

Fortunately, I had some time during spring break to relax, reflect and read.  One article that drew my interest was about what parents should ask their child after school instead of the usual, How was your day?  Which is usually followed by the child responding, fine.   Some of my favorites from the article are:

  1. What made you smile today?
  2. Can you tell me an example of kindness you saw/showed?
  3. Teach me something I don’t know.
  4. What did you do that was creative?
  5. What was the best thing that happened at school today?
  6. What made you laugh?
  7. What was your least favorite thing of the day?
  8. Did you learn something new today?
  9. What challenge did you face today?
  10. How did someone fill your bucket today?

Hopefully, this will make the difference in communicating with your adolescent.