Measure B1 Campaign Needs YOU – only one week left

What’s needed over the next 8 days:
* Phone banking this week at Harbor Bay Realty to remind people to vote – calls Tuesday through Thursday this week and Monday November 7 5:30 – 8pm; AND ALL DAY NOVEMBER 8 (see below for more details about Nov 8).  
* Next Saturday morning we need 50 parents to come, pick up a packet of GOTV door hangers between 10-12 and knock on a few doors (First Congregational Church corner Chestnut and Central Ave), 
* Early morning Election Day door-hanging. 6-7am approx. 
  • We need 150 volunteers for this effort. 
  • Location, details in this link. Requires a car. Sign up by Wednesday by November 2.
* We also need Election Day poll watching.  Check polls at 10am and 1pm, or 4pm and 6pm.  Meet at Alameda Democratic Club HQ in the South Shore Center for assignments.  Also requires a car.
* Finally, we’ll be doing last-ditch GOTV phone calling all day, from 10am to 7:55pm.  Meet up at the Alameda democratic Club HQ in the South Shore Center, bring your phone.
In 2010 Measure E lost by less than 1%; in 2011 Measure A won by 1.3%.  What got us over the line was the GOTV work done in the last week and on Election day.