Otis Drive Safety Project – Next Steps

Last week the city’s Transportation Commission voted in favor of moving forward with the plans for Phase 1 of the Otis project. Phase 1 includes reducing Otis from 4 to 3 lanes (2 driving lanes and 1 center turn lane), with buffered bike lanes on either side, additional painted crosswalks, and some other improvements. The project now goes to the City Council for final approval before moving onto actual implementation (projected to take place in the spring of 2020).  
The project will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, June 4th at 7pm.  It’s been suggested that rather than attend the meeting, people who feel inclined to support the project should do so via email to the City Clerk:

Details of the project here, and a visual here. If you want to support it (and it would certainly help for City Council to receive community support for the project before they vote), let the City Clerk know that you are writing in SUPPORT of the Otis Drive Traffic Calming and Safety Improvement Project, which is being presented to the City Council on June 4th.