Otis Spunkmeyer Fundraising is coming soon!

This is a fantastic program where 40% of the sales goes to WMS!!!

The sale will begin on 11/2 and end on 11/16. Please check the brochures that we are sending home with the students on October 27. In appreciation for helping the school, there will be ticket drawings where you can win some fun prizes!!

The more you sell – the more chances you have to win prizes.
$1 – $20 – you will get 1 ticket
$21 – $35 – 3 tickets
$36 – $50 – 5 tickets
$51 – $75 – 8 tickets
$76 – $100 – 12 tickets
$101 and up 15 tickets
Drawings for the prizes will take place on 11/9, 11/10, 11/14, 11/15, 11/16.
There will be three winners on each of these dates.
All your orders payments can be submitted on the drawing dates above – there will be a table near the main entrance of the school to collect all the orders at 3pm. All your tickets will be eligible for every remaining drawing – so submit your order as soon as possible!
Here are some of the appreciation prizes:
● Permission pass for you and a friend to go to the front of the line for lunch
● Permission pass for you and a friend to leave 5 min early to go to lunch
● $10 Blue Dot Cafe and Coffee Bar gift certificates
● Lunch time with the Principal and one more friend
● Mr. Long (Science teacher) will let you and your friend pet the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
● And more prizes
The prizes and the winners will be listed in the hallway in front of the Media Center