Parent University at Wood, March 22, 2017, 6:00 – 8:00PM

6 ‐ 8th Grade College‐Going Culture Parent Workshops

Wood Middle School, 420 Grand Street, Alameda

Free childcare and dinner

6th Grade Supporting Academic Achievement and Promoting a Growth Mindset for our Children Parents will learn about research on Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset and how parents can promote a Growth Mindset in their children. They will also discuss GRIT, academic courage and the importance of understanding our child’s learning style.

7th Grade Exploring Career Options Parents will be introduced to the 15 California Career Strands and several websites where their children can begin to explore their career interests.

8th Grade Creating the 4‐year Academic Plan They will discuss how the AUSD high school graduation requirements compare to the UC/CSU requirements and learn how to create a 4‐year academic plan for high school. They will be encouraged to go home and discuss the plan with their 8th grade student.

6th‐8th School‐Wide Paying For College 101 In partnership with the Alameda Education Foundation date TBA Parents will discuss what other things students need money for in college besides tuition, the pros and cons of the different types of financial aid and look at various student profiles to determine what type of financial aid they are eligible for.

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