Safe Transportation Announcement


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

The safety of all our students is our priority as they move to/from Wood Middle School.

We want to remind the students of safely riding their bike, scooters and skateboards to/from school.  Please be aware of surroundings while on the street or sidewalk with a bike, scooter or skateboard.  Helmets are required by law.  Once students have arrived on campus, they are not to ride their bike, scooter or skateboard on campus.  Bikes are to be locked up at the bike rack near the concession stand.  Skateboards and scooters are to be locked in the skateboard lockers near the TAD Lab.  Skateboards and scooters are not to be left in the office, in a classroom or carried throughout the school day.  Students must supply their own locks for these lockers.

Alameda Police Department would like us to remind parents of following the traffic and parking regulations when dropping off and picking up your child.  Please remember there is designated area, marked by signs, on Grand Street for the school buses to drop off students (the curb is painted white).  Please do not park in this area before or after school as the students who ride these buses have limited mobility.  In addition, U-Turns and double parking on the street may result in a citation by APD.

To help ease the traffic congestion at the start and end of the school day, we suggest arranging a drop off and pick location of your child within a short walking distance of Wood Middle School.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.