Share Your Views: City of Alameda Paratransit Program

Please share your thoughts about transportation issues relating to seniors and individuals with disabilities in the City of Alameda to help with future planning for the city.

Background: The City of Alameda Paratransit Program, funded by Measures B and BB, provides Alameda residents who are seniors or have disabilities with the Alameda Paratransit Shuttle (which also is open to the public), subsidized taxi trips, group trips and a scholarship fund to assist participants with taxi trip expenses. East Bay Paratransit also is designed for residents who are unable to drive and who are unable to use public transportation – AC Transit buses or BART trains – because of a disability or a disabling health condition.

Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions about the City of Alameda Subsidized Taxis and Paratransit Shuttle by Thursday, January 5.

For more information:

City staff: Gail Payne, Transportation Coordinator, 510-747-6892

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