Superintendent’s Message on Hate Speech Incidents

Over the last few days, we heard reports of some racist graffiti and behavior at schools, including in Alameda. I want all of our AUSD families to know that it is unacceptable to us as a district and against what we stand for as Americans to see these hateful and exclusive behaviors.

Please let your children know we have taken a strong stand in this district and in this community that everyone belongs here. We do not tolerate hate speech, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other forms of hatred. We are a district that is committed to safe and inclusive schools for each and every student, family, and staff member.

Please know tomorrow morning┬ácommunity members may be standing outside our schools and quietly welcoming students as they come in. ┬áThis is a community-wide and peaceful effort to emphasize the message that Everyone Belongs Here. And please join us as we ALL say, tomorrow and every day: “Everyone belongs here.”

Please let a school staff member know immediately if you hear of incidents of hate speech or bullying at schools so we can investigate it. And thank you partnering with us to promote safe and inclusive schools for every child and every family in Alameda.