Wood PTA exists to support our students, families and staff in many ways. In addition to purchasing supplies and equipment for student projects and events, PTA also sponsors programs and events that enrich our students and campus life.

Why join PTA?

Your dollars directly benefit your students and their classrooms.  Check out our new poster board to see just some of the things PTA funded last year.

PTA strives to help create a community that is safe and welcoming, where students and staff want to be, and where everyone feels valued.  Your membership is one way to show support and let your student know that their education is important.  Volunteering and attending meetings are encouraged, but not required when you become a member.

Want to know more?

Please look through our new website and join our Facebook group where you can keep up to date on PTA news and events, learn easy ways to earn funds for our school, find ways to volunteer, and see what’s happening at school.  Together we can make our students’ middle school years memorable and special.

Looking forward to a great school year!

Blanche Kim

Wood PTA President 2016-17