WMS Robotics Team Wins Awards in Competition, Feb. 4

by Mercedes Thorne

Wood’s FTC Team, 12199 The Spider Pigs, competed this Saturday at the Daly City Qualifier with their robot “Bacon”. They were joined by a couple of high school students from our FRC team (who mentored them while they built their robot), who coached them throughout the event and guided them when the robot broke, or they needed to make modifications. Even Persephone came back to help!

The FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is for students 7th – 12th graders, though most of the schools we competed against were made up entirely of high school students. I believe there was only one other team that was a mix of high school and middle schoolers like ours.

Jake Moore-Taylor and Ivan Shapli were our robot drivers during competition and received many compliments from other mentors and teams on how well drove, and how well they worked together with our alliance partners each match. No one believed that we were rookies!

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it into the semi-finals, but we did finish in 12th place (out of 28 teams present). Which is no small feat!

Our middle schoolers on the team are Ivan S. (7th), Jake M-T. (8th), Brian F. (7th), and Semeon T. (7th) if you see them, be sure to congratulate them!