Wood School Wins Gold Ribbon Award

Wood Middle School has been designated a Gold Ribbon school by state education officials.  The awards recognize outstanding educational programs and practices.

Wood’s program, “STEAM-Integrated Learning Through Inquiry,”  uses inquiry-based instruction to help students develop critical thinking and core skills in reading, math and writing, while also exploring science and history and connecting what they learn in the classroom with the outside world.

“I am always thrilled when our schools are recognized by the state Department of Education,” said Sean McPhetridge, superintendent of the Alameda Unified School District, after the awards were announced Tuesday. “It is testament to the hard work of teachers, staff, students and families. It serves as a reminder to us all that Alameda is truly blessed with excellent and innovative educational programs for our youth.”

Congratulations to our hard-working staff, students and school community!

Let’s celebrate!!!  Join us for Open House May 23 when we’ll also celebrate Wood School’s 50th year!  The school invites all Wood Alumnae and would like to hear stories from the first 25 years (1967-1992).  Please contact the school office for details.